Friday, June 3, 2011

Obayashi and Kurosawa

That beautiful rare picture looks like a good idea to start my Obayashi completist blog.
You can see, on the right, Nobuhiko Obayashi and Akira Kurosawa.
The photo was taken during the shooting of Dreams.

Obayashi was present to shoot a making-of, released on VHS the 2 November 1990 (150min, produced by Kurosawa Pro and PSC).

Pour débuter ce blog consacré à Nobuhiko Obayashi, voici une belle et rare photographie le montrant en compagnie d'Akira Kurosawa, sur le tournage de Dreams.
A cette occasion, Obayashi a filmé un making-of, sorti en VHS le 2 novembre 1990 (150min, produit par la Kurosawa Pro et PSC).

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